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Natural Aroma Incense CEDAR 15pcs

Natural Aroma Incense CEDAR 15pcs

Sattva Ayurveda
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The word SATTVA means goodness, positiveness, truth, health, serenity, a holistic view of the world, creativity, constructiveness, balance, confidence, peace, purity, and an inner need for Dharma and Jnana.

Cedar is a tree in the pine family that is recognized as a protective herb. It is used for all kinds of rituals and ceremonies, with a wonderful aroma that lingers in our rooms.

Incense is made from the essence of flowers, herbs, wood, plant resins, and honey. Hand-rolled on bamboo. This incense is handmade with 400 years of tradition. Does not contain synthetic odors, ingredients, or petrochemical products.

Usage: Light the incense stick with a small flame. Blow out the flame. The incense will smolder for 60-70 minutes.