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Organic Nettle Shampoo with Rosemary and Orange Scent 1 L

Organic Nettle Shampoo with Rosemary and Orange Scent 1 L

Tierra Verde
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Volume (ml) 1000


Gentle caring shampoo for oily hair based on soapnut extract and coconut oil surfactants. The organic quality nettle extract reduces sebum and dandruff production. The shampoo has an optimal pH factor, thus not damaging or drying the skin.

Soap nuts have been used in India for body and hair care for thousands of years. Inspired by this tradition, we developed a maximally sensitive, non-toxic shampoo. Thanks to the optimal pH, the shampoo doesn’t damage the protective layers of skin.     
Nettle leaves contain minerals, amino acids, vitamin C and carotenoids. The extract of this plant is therefore ideal for oily hair, as it reduces excessive sebum as well as the related dandruff production.   
Unlike many conventional shampoos, our nettle shampoo doesn’t contain any oil derivatives, synthetic fragrances, dyes, sulphates (synthetic foaming agents) or irritating anionic surfactants and is stabilised only by gentle food preservatives.    
In accordance with our Packaging evolution philosophy, we also offer big packages which can be used for refilling the glass bottle with a dispenser in order to minimise the use of packaging plastics.

How to use it

Rub the shampoo in wet hair until the foam has been produced. Let it work for a while and rinse with water properly.
It is quite normal for this shampoo not to produce a lot of foam as, unlike many conventional products, it doesn’t contain any synthetic foaming agents which might irritate your skin. The effectiveness remains the same.
This shampoo has a low pH level, which is beneficial for the hair and skin of the head. In an acidic environment, the hair surface closes which makes hair easy to comb. For this reason, our shampoos don’t have to be used together with a conditioner. It the type of your hair requires the use of a conditioner, we recommend using natural substances (e.g. apple vinegar, homemade herb extract).