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Recipes for Hair Regrowth

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Recipes for Hair Regrowth


Gaia Cup – Menstrual cup S size

Gaia Cup – Menstrual cup S size

Tierra Verde
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Made in Czech Republic
  • Menstrual cup made of the highest quality medical silicone
  • Easy to use, long lifespan
  • Reliable, ideal solution for all kinds of sports and activities
  • Economical – replaces sanitary napkins and tampons
  • Ecological – there is no more waste
  • No allergies, no cases of toxic shock syndrome, does not cause infection

Detailed instructions are included in a leaflet with the packaging.

S-size – for girls and women under 25 years of age or those who have not given birth

  • full diameter 38,5 mm
  • height without stem 50 mm
  • stem height 10 mm
  • softer than L-size
  • capacity 20 ml (safe liquid level) / 23 ml (maximum)

Further information about Gaiacup : Gaiacup is transparent, mat and of elastic silicone. Inside the cup on upper and lowest part you will find Gaia logo. (they are not so in relief so it will not interfere with the cleaning ).Gaiacup is soft ans has a very smooth shape with no protrusions. Its silicone is distribuited evenly along its body. In the base there are 4 circles in relief, which allow you to grasp it firmly even if you cut the entire stem. You can pinch its base without problems at the time of extraction.
If you look Gaiacup S and L they seem very similar, but S size is different as it is softer than L size ( around 15% softer). The edge ( upper ring) of S size is thinner and shorter than L size. When you fold S size in "U" shape you can have it folded without resistance on your hand. Gaia cup is provided with a very beautiful cotton bag (could be in Purple or Yellow lemon fantasy) that can be closed with a sliding button.