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Organic Castor oil offers numerous benefits

Organic Castor oil offers numerous benefits

8 September 2023 Useful
Castor oil offers numerous benefits. What Is Castor Oil? Organic Castor oil is a thick and viscous substance with a distinct...


Pine resin Essential oil Organic 10 ml

Pine resin Essential oil Organic 10 ml

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The pleasant smell of sunlit pine forest doesn’t have to be reserved only for hot summers. Especially in colder months, turpentine pine essential oil can be used to relieve respiratory difficulties. Its refreshing scent is a great help when having a cold, stress or bad mood.

The maritime pine ((Pinus pinaster) grows mainly in the Mediterranean. You can see these evergreen trees for example on holiday in Italy or Croatia.
Its essential oil is gained by the distillation of its resin and is popular for its refreshing forest scent. Pine essential oil stimulates and sharpens the senses, prevents tiredness and can even suppress bad odours. In order to enhance the effects of pine essential oil, we recommend combining it with eucalyptus or tea tree essential oils during the flu season.