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Organic Castor oil offers numerous benefits

Organic Castor oil offers numerous benefits

8 September 2023 Useful
Castor oil offers numerous benefits. What Is Castor Oil? Organic Castor oil is a thick and viscous substance with a distinct...


Dishwasher rinse 1 L - 40 doses

Dishwasher rinse 1 L - 40 doses

Tierra Verde
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Volume (ml) 1000


Dishwasher rinse aid leaves dishes naturally shiny. Purely natural ingredients remove settled minerals precipitated from the wash water. Natural surfactants are used to speed up the drying of dishes. The fragrance-free gentle ingredients have no effect on the taste of food or beverages.

Dosing: Fill the rinse container on your dishwasher when the control light lights up, according to the dishwasher manual.

15–30% denatured alcohol, 5–15% citric acid, 5–15% non-ionic surfactants.

In our detergents, we use ingredients that present as little burden for human and the planet’s health as possible.
The products don’t contain petroleum derivatives, phosphonates, chlorine, enzymes, optical brighteners, synthetic perfumes, or dyes.