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Laundry gel Lavender 1 L

Laundry gel Lavender 1 L

Tierra Verde
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Volume (ml) 1000


Gentle yet effective laundry gel based on extract from organic soapnuts. Perfect for colour laundry and washing at all temperatures. Keeps colours from fading. 

Dosing: Use one dosing cup (about 30 ml) for a washing cycle. For heavily soiled clothing or when in hard water region use up to double the recommended quantity. Add water softener is you have hard water. Consider using laundry rinse instead of regular fabric softener.  One liter makes up to 33 laundry loads. 

Ingredients: 5-15 % soda ash, < 5 % organic soapnut extract, silicates, xanthan gum, alcohol denat., chelating agent (EDDS), sodium benzoate, lavandin essential oil (contains parfums: linalool, cineol, p-mentha-1,4(8)-dien - may provoke allergy). The product does not contain any oil derivatives, phosphates, synthetic perfumes, synthetic colours or brightening agents.

Keep out of reach from children.