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37 amazing uses of NEEM oil

37 amazing uses of NEEM oil

23 March 2024 Useful
37 amazing uses of neem oil Used in India for over 5000 years, Neem is considered a medicinal herb in Ayurvedic medicine and...


Lotus Plant powder 100 g

Lotus Plant powder 100 g

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Lotus Powder 100g

Country of origin: India

Description: Grinded dry lotus flowers. This is one of the most holy flowers in India in terms of spiritual development. It contains linoleic acid, proteins, phosphorus, iron and Vitamins B and C. All over the world the Lotus flowers are a symbol of femininity, development and power.

Properties: In Ayurvedic cosmetics it is mostly used for skin care because of its calming and cooling effect.  It is supposed to help improve skin texture and overall health. It cleanses deeply and gently while offering an antioxidant protection. It refreshesh the skin ans has an astringent effect, making it firm, smooth and shiny. It tones the skin, kelps to maintain balance and helps it to regenerate naturally. Persons with problem skin value it for its help with acne and blemishes.

Directions for use: Due to its powerful abilities Lotus powder is used in maximum 10% concentration, mixed with other plant powders or clays (like Kaolin, Neem powder etc.)

If you feel a tingling/burning sensation, wash off immediately with water. We advise you make a patch test on the inner side of the forearm before using it on your face for the first time.

Skin care: Mix dry powder with other clays or powders, then add purified water or a hydrosol and apply it evenly on cleansed skin (face and/or body). You can also add one tablespoon of good quality plant oil. Leave on for 10 minutes (the mixture will dry if you didn't add any oils), rinse thoroughly with water. Apply your favorite toner or hydrosol and moisturizer or plant oil.

Warning: Do not use any metal products when preparing a clay or plant powder mixture (spoons, cups etc.)The metals can react with mixtures and change their chemical composition. It is best to use products made of wood or ceramics.

Ingredients INCI: Nelumbo nucifera flower powder