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How to choose a Hair Hydrosol (Floral water)?

How to choose a Hair Hydrosol (Floral water)?

7 June 2024 Useful
Hydrosol (or floral water) is not only the best toner for the skin. It also takes excellent care of your hair! Choose hydroso...


Neem Herbal powder 100g

Neem Herbal powder 100g

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Country of origin: India

Description: Grinded dried leaves of the Neem tree. It is green in color with a slight herbal scent. It has natural deodorant, antiseptic and antifungal properties, works against insects (especially head lice) and works great on hair with dandruff.

Properties: It is a natural hair conditioner and perfect for problem skin care. Very good for skin with acne, rash, allergies, heat rash or nappy rash on babies. In India all parts of the tree (seeds, leaves, flowers and bark) are used for preparing many different medical preparations and Neem twigs are used for brushing teeth. This practice is perhaps one of the earliest and most effective forms of dental care. The tree is also known as "Divine Tree", "Heal All", "Nature's Drugstore", "Village Pharmacy".

Directions for use: Hair care: Mix Neem powder with water until you are satisfied with the density of the paste. Apply to clean hair and massage well into scalp. Leave on for at least 20 minutes or 1 hour for more intensive care. Rinse with water.

Facial care: Mix Neem powder with warm water or hydrosol (floral water). Apply fresh mixture to cleansed skin. For very sensitive skin you can mix 10% of Neem powder and 90% of White or Green clay before mixing with water. Leave on for 15 minutes, rinse with water then moisten skin with a toner or hydrosol and apply a moisturizer or carrier oil.

Caution: When preparing mixtures with natural clays or plant powders, you should never use products made from metals (cups, spoons etc.) since the natural ingredients can react with metals and that changes them chemically.  It is best to use products made from wood, glass or ceramics.

Ingredients: Azahrichta Indica