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Energy-Efficient Far Infrared Heater WATERFALL

Energy-Efficient Far Infrared Heater WATERFALL

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Energy-Efficient Far Infrared heating wall panel is used for local heating in any room, bathroom, balcony, workplace or other place till 10-15 m2

● 100 % ecological and healthy material of the heating element upon own patented technology.
● Long-Wave Infrared rays (wave length 6-20 μm) has positive effect on human organism and health.
● Does not burn the oxygen within the air in order to heat (as usual heaters do), that is why the usage of the products made on long-wave infrared technology does not make the air in the room difficult to breathe.
● Save your money and electrical energy.
● Warm rays identical to the sunrays in your home.
● Additional heating in the house and apartment.
● Mobile and easy to transport.
● Long lifetime of the heating element (60.000+ hours, that means >10 years of usual usage).
● Made of a thick material resistant to mechanical damage.
● Great decoration in your home.

● Heating element: specially prepared carbon thread
● Wooden slats are made from Latvian birch or alder
● Electrical safety class: II
● Ingress Protection Rating: IP20
● Plug-in type: typical European
● Voltage: 230 V
● Power: 400 W +-5%
● Dimensions: 100 х 57 cm
● Super slim panel: thickness <1 mm
● Temperature of the surface: up to 75 °C
● Lifetime of the heating elements: 60.000 hours
● Weight netto: 0.750 kg
● Mobile design and easy to carry

   Made in Latvia (EU)

   Additional information and specification