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How to choose a Hair Hydrosol (Floral water)?

How to choose a Hair Hydrosol (Floral water)?

7 June 2024 Useful
Hydrosol (or floral water) is not only the best toner for the skin. It also takes excellent care of your hair! Choose hydroso...


Methi Herbal powder 100g

Methi Herbal powder 100g

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Methi Powder (Fenugreek)

Country of origin: India

Description: Grinded fenugreek seeds, a light brown powder of characteristic scent. Very known in Indian cooking as a spice with an intensive taste, the seeds are also very popular for growing sprouts. It is rich in potassium, iron, proteins and vitamin B3.

Properties: It can be used for skin and scalp care because of its exceptional properties to help against itching and irritation. It helps to take care of inflamed or irritated skin, dandruff and premature hair loss. It is very valuable for skin cell regeneration, new cells production and healthy hair growth promotion. Because of its qualities in can also help skin with superficial wounds, eczema, minor wrinkles and age spots. It works great as a gentle facial scrub – for a radiant complexion without spots and blemishes. It can also help excess skin fat.

Directions for use:

Hair mask: Mix with warm water into appropriate paste and apply to hair (Can be combined with different plant powders). Massage into scalp with circular movement and spread all the way to the hair ends. Leave on up to 15 minutes, rinse and wash hair wit a natural shampoo or Artiha Powder.

Skin care: Mix with water or a hydrosol and apply it evenly on cleansed skin (face and/or body). You can also add one tablespoon of good quality plant oil and a drop of essential oils. Leave on for 10 minutes (the mixture will dry if you didn't add any oils), rinse thoroughly with water. Apply your favorite toner or hydrosol and moisturizer or plant oil.

Warning: Do not use any metal products when preparing a clay or plant powder mixture (spoons, cups etc.)The metals can react with mixtures and change their chemical composition. It is best to use products made of wood or ceramics.

Ingredients: Trigonella Foenumgraecum powder